Listener feedback: The Full 60 Guest Wish List

Some of the best guests from The Full 60 have come from ideas submitted by listeners. For instance, it never would have occurred to me call Danny Briere to talk about the Maine Mariners if it wasn't for a listener on Twitter. If it were up to me, I'd have Pierre LeBrun (pictured here eating a sandwich named in his honor) on every other week with Frank Provenzano in between. Mostly, because I'm lazy.  So this is where I'm gathering guest suggestions that come via e-mail (if you're not signed up for the weekly e-mail, do so right here) in one place and I'll try to check them off the list:

1996 Florida Panthers
Jen Bullano
Danny Carcillo
Reagan Carey
Meghan Chayka
John Collins
John Davidson
Ken Dryden
Dana Heinze
Amanda Kessel
Nigel Kirwan
Hilary Knight
NHL Zamboni driver
Eric Lindros
Jennifer Lute Costella
Jim Paek
Andi Petrillo
David Poile
Tom Poraszka
Julie Robenhymer.
Marc Savard
Katie Strang
Sam Ventura
Scott Wheeler on ECHL trip